Thursday, May 29, 2008

about to be an atenista

OH DEAR GOD... im going to pre-orientation tom...
im nervous scared happy excited weird cool scared and scared
i had to go around powerplant yesterday as a sort of last hang out with my friends.
I took shots of Patuy, Doms, Pek and Wanie
Then i also had breakfast with Beo (whom i miss terribly)
actually... come to think of it dapat baligtad yung order nun.. pero bahala na. I also wore loser shades inside the mall to hide my post facial face. Talagang that had to be the day i FINALLY met people ive been waiting to meet who will not be named...(more shots in my multiply)

Seriously though.. I cannot explain the mixture of both excitement and utter fear....
I can still WEIRDLY remember my 1st day in kindergarten tuloy...
parang me in kindergarten going "shit... ano toh"
But this is just emphasizing how NON-adult i am...
Im such a feeling-adult/teenager pala... I never realized how sheltered i am till now.
I hope i can be cool tom... even if i just had my dermatologist session and my face is full of holes!
I really wanna be pretty and give a good impression :)) haha its so loser of me, but i wanna be pretty O_O i may be shallow, but dear God im 17 and im insecure!!

I also miss my class... and will be drinking with them tomorrow :)
Me of my 17th year: "shit... ano toh"

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


OKay... i got my block list today. Im comtech r3
Im slightly dissappointed because i wanted to be block mates with a few friends of mine... but i guess its cool :) im hoping i can make cool new friends eitherway.. Ange and Ally are in my block so at least i wont be the only assumptionista. I also made new friends from San Beda. There are very little boys in my block so i feel like im in AC again :-<

*sigh* i wanna go abroad where no one knows me. I wanna experience something new.
Here's to hoping college will be kind to me.... and my block will hopefully be cool.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


awk�ward audio� (�kwrd) KEY

  1. Not graceful; ungainly.
    1. Not dexterous; clumsy.
    2. Clumsily or unskillfully performed: The opera was marred by an awkward aria.
    1. Difficult to handle or manage: an awkward bundle to carry.
    2. Difficult to effect; uncomfortable: an awkward pose.
    1. Marked by or causing embarrassment or discomfort: an awkward remark; an awkward silence.
    2. Requiring great tact, ingenuity, skill, and discretion: An awkward situation arose during the peace talks

THESE ARE THE DAYS WE SEIZE AND HAVE FUN WITH... which is what happened that day:) Have fun with life while you have it.

It was mostly easy going :) i just wanted a day to sorta ... materialize culture? which is what art is really. Awkward is such a 2008 term. Abby is awkward in her short shorts and weird accessories and colors... Alex was weird in shorts in general... i was weird with skirts...

We hung out with james, artu and chico. Artu took some shots too. Look up my multiply for complete pictures if youre interested. next culture theme?... "awesome" haha

Friday, May 16, 2008

17 years 8 months 16 days 22 hours 15 minutes and 3 seconds old

OKAY. im watching pushing daisies and its just plain romantic. You cant help but want to find someone to love, or if you have found someone... to see the one you love. Its raining and im watching 9 episodes of this series waiting to somehow learn something while listening to the melodic voice of the british narrator, telling the story of intertwined destinies of 2 imaginary people in love.

Seriously people! its such an ecclectic and quirky mix of many series. It has the relevance of life and continuous death of Ghost Whisperer... the intrigue of Desperate Housewives.. the (although unsure) distinct replica of the narrator's voice from hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy AND its weirdness ... the easy going happy aura of how i met your mother PLUS! the forbidden love of twilight. Its Beauty i believe is in the omniscience of the story. You understand each glance and each moment... each thought they have whether irrelevant or just plain funny.

May any male human being read this and LEARN...or at least be open to the experience.

so here's the story... a boy named Ned has the gift to bring people back to life with one touch. FIRST TOUCH: life
SECOND TOUCH: death, forever.
and anytime he brings anything back to life for more than a minute, another life is taken.
He's in love with the girl beside his house, her name is Chuck.
But after their parents die... they never see each other again.
until one day, when Chuck dies of stranggling from a plastic bag.

They had their 1st kiss in a cemetary. their first and only kiss.

:"i had a cru... i was...uh... you were my 1st kiss"
Chuck:"you were my 1st kiss too. You wanna be my last kiss? first and last kiss... or is that weird?"
:"thats not weird... thats magical"so the pie maker's lips went as far as they would go... but he couldnt will them to go any further

Only sleeping beauty could know how she felt at that moment, to be awakened from her sleep...

Chuck: so a kiss is out of the question?
Ned: what? *stares*
Chuck: *smiles*
Ned: Ive lost my train of thought

one day he installs glass between them in the front seat of his car... there was a hole for the others' hand... (obviously to hold each others' hand)
Ned: thats for... driving emergencies
he lied....
Chuck: thats what i thought
she lied too....
they hold hands.

since i dont wanna ruin the rest of it. the rest of this entry will continue in your mind soon after you watch pushing daisies.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

who's smarter than a 5th grader?

well im watching who's smarter than a 5th grader....
the questions are so funny
  • how many sides in a trapezoid? 4
  • there are secondary colors... one of them is purple and green? whats missing? orange
  • 11 plus negative 14? duh... -4
its just hilarious to me that they cant answer the questions:))
but honestly what im more pissed about was the ripoff of this show
i was going through channels the other day and i saw that there was a pinoy version that wasnt a branch of this show. I mean seriously! were a creative country right!? why cant we make our own game shows? like DESPERADAS... an obvious attempt to rip off desperate housewives. They even copied the style in which they advertise. I'm not even pissed off at shows like Philippine's next top model... or project runway Philippines.. not even Pinoy idol! its fine because they are actual branches of the original concept... but were ripping off these shows!

I mean we already have fake DVDs that i admittedly buy. We copy their culture so much that we neglect our own. We aren't as loyal to ourselves, nor are we as creative anymore. I rarely see anything purely Filipino anymore. We don't preserve what culture we do have anymore. We have awesome music, awesome artwork, awesome architecture.... Our country has the best resources known to the world and we don't even use THAT. Our country is effing dying from the stupid rice shortage. Talk about insane! WERE AN AGRICULTURAL COUNTRY! hello? why are we even importing rice anymore? We sell what treasures we do have. We neglect the country we say we love. No one even sings the national anthem in the theaters anymore. I personally think thats just plain sad. Were what? too embarrassed? gahd...

for an intelligent country...a country with gifted people... were pretty stupid.

The Philippines is NOT smarter than a 5th grader

its probably why were such a poor country... we cant solve the answer to the simple question of how we should suck it up, get along and progress as a damn country for a change

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I seriously dreamt of a field like this before...
I dont know why but some events in my dream come true. haha

given that, lets relate this to life...

This was just one of my attempts in photography...
i just used a point and shoot camera so the resolution sucks
im going to use it all the time, unlike my spontaneous need to buy an electric guitar

I really hope to pursue any artistic drive i have left in me...
i mean ive dreamt of being an artist for forever
Ever since i was in grade 2 i promised myself i'd be an artist
whether in photography, paint or whatever...
im going to be a prodigy
i'll have exhibits and sculptures and artistic expressions of my political beliefs
if i have to be good in math to be able to achieve that... then I WILL

so im going to ace ateneo..
must try to not be scared O_O

Nicole Server and James Guitterrez